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USA Postcards - 40-Pack U.S. Map Postcards, Self Mailer Mailing Side Travel Postcards, Hand-Drawn Artwork Design, United States Map Postcards with 50 States, 4 x 6 Inches



  • What better way to commemorate a trip to the USA than with special hand-drawn travel postcards? These cards feature a cute, hipster design that show off each state in a realistic manner. On the back, there is space for you to write to your friends and family or even keep a journal of your own travels as well as space for postage to send it in the mail!
  • TRAVEL POSTCARDS: 40-pack of postcards that show a map of the USA on the front with each of the states displayed.
  • CREATIVE & ARTISTIC DESIGN: Beautifully hand-drawn to feature a modernistic rendering of all of the states with their names written out.
  • GREAT WAY TO REMEMBER A JOURNEY: Take them with you as you travel the USA and write down memories to send to family and friends.
  • READY TO SEND IN THE MAIL: Each card comes with a space to write a message and a designated postage area to send in the mail.
  • ASINB07FQB6P19