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Earring Cards - 200-Pack Earring Card Holder, Earring Display Cards for Ear Studs, Earrings, Black, 3.5 x 2 Inches



  • If you make your own jewelry or you have a jewelry business you need this 200 pack of black earring cards. The colors of your earrings will really stand out against the dark color of the cards for display. You can also use it to put earrings in the box for storage. The cards are 3.5 x 2 inches which is great for store displays. The cards have pre-cut holes to make it easy to put your earrings on the card and they also have a hole in the top to make it easy to hang. Use cards to organize earrings at home or at work!
  • DISPLAY CRAFTS: This pack comes with 200 earring cards that are perfect for displaying homemade jewelry.
  • THICK PAPER: Solid paper perfect for storing jewelry in boxes.
  • COLORS STAND OUT: Jewels and sparkles stand out against the black background.
  • EASY TO USE: Pre-cut holes make it simple to display your earrings.