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Vote Postcards - 120-Pack Postcards for Voters, Get Out the Vote Cards, Write Representatives, Election Accessories, Americana Theme, Patriotic Red White Blue Design,



  • This 120 pack of voter postcards are great to let people know about your political cause. Make sure they know your position on which candidate or cause to vote about. You can also use them to write your local representatives about a special issue. There are 40 each of 3 different designs and the back of each card is blank with a spot for a postage stamp. Hand them out or put them in the mail. Each card measures 4 x 6 inches.
  • GET OUT THE VOTE: Use these cards to make sure that people know who to vote for.
  • THREE DESIGNS: There are 40 cards with three different designs to use. Each has a blank back.
  • MAIL IT: Each postcard also has a blank spot for a stamp so you can mail it to your voters.
  • WRITE YOUR REPS: Use the cards to write a message to your representatives too.