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Index Cards - 200-Pack 5x7 Heavyweight White Cardstock, 110lb 300GSM Cover Card stock, Unruled Thick Paper, For Flash Note, Postcard, Invitation, Brochure, Marketing Material, Signage, 5 x 7 Inches



  • This pack of 5 x 7 inches cardstock is made of super heavy 300gsm (110lb) paper. It is great for you to make paper crafts that you hope to last longer, such as ornaments, paper accessories, signs, or your own created paper games. The thick cardstock can also be a more protective cover for your presentation, reports, handmade booklets, and more. Please be reminded that when printing, consult your printer manual to make sure it is compatible with 300gsm cardstock.
  • THICK CARDSTOCK: This value pack of carstock includes 200 heavyweight 300gsm (110lb) sheets with matte finish.
  • VERSATILE: Use it to make crafts such as hanging orgaments, paper accessories, signs, or create your own card games with it. The size makes it perfect for flashcards, postcards, and invitations.
  • GREAT COVER: The sturdy material makes it a great cover for your DIY photo album, notebooks, travel journal, and more.
  • REMINDER FOR PRINTING: Please consult your printer manual to check whether your printer is compatible for this heavyweight cardstock.